Wearing Today
After Joanne Burns, ‘Keyhole’


wearing today like a dream of vacant motels. the swimming pools empty. silent topiaries. a
SWAT team slowly moving in a line against the blinding white face of a building. a Basquiat
bursting in your brain. wearing today like a new city. a silent cocoon. a sudden crack. wearing
today like a cry. laughing a few seconds later. like a nurse who tells you to press the green
button to get out. you can no longer see a doctor without a witness. wearing today like a
favourite toy. a kite’s uplift. a kind word. a child’s importance. wild in a startled horse’s eye.


Wes Lee lives in Wellington. She has three poetry collections and her work has appeared in numerous publications. Most recently she was shortlisted for the Heroines/Joyce Parkes Women’s Writing Award 2022, in New South Wales, The Alastair Reid Poetry Pamphlet Prize 2022, in Scotland and the NZSA Peter & Dianne Beatson Fellowship 2022. She is the featured poet in the Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2022.