Stone Fruit


they tumble down the bank at two different speeds yet still in duet, comically
flushed and buxom against the backdrop of waifs playing heroines written by a
playwright who was definitely more of an ass man, a poet could be more specific,
remembering something someone said in a writing class about ‘geraniums’ not
‘flowers’ etcetera but I forget to note the genus of the fruit because you are
swinging a leg from nowhere to intercept them like a goblin shark revealing the
true extent of its protrusible upper jaw oh this is why I made myself late, I am
thinking about asking if you would like to go swimming


Claudia Jardine lives in Ōtautahi and holds an MA in Classics from Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University of Wellington. Her debut chapbook, The Temple of Your Girl, was published in AUP New Poets 7 (2020), and her new book BITER will be published by Auckland University Press in 2023.