hayes paddock hipsters


some men in our street
aspire to be hipsters
arty progressive and woke
their hair is in plaits
or shaved at the edges
their beards so full they might choke

they pedal their bikes
or ride their e-scooters
never polluting by car
their clothes are not old
but curated vintage
to truly express who they are

their tattoos are art
and ever evolving
their coffee organic and niche
their food is authentic
and totally vegan
even the spinach faux-quiche

they hold their heads high
beneath their fedoras
unique in their brand and their views
the very expression
of stylish free thinkers
conforming to sub culture rules


Feana Tu‘akoi is a Kirikiriroa-based writer, enjoying a lifelong love affair with words.
Heard, spoken, read and written.
In that order.