taste metallic


when i say you taste
metallic i am talking mostly
of the way i become viscous in
your company, veins dilate to 
accommodate the influx of
pressure, a surfacing of iron 
rich blood finding its way to the
tip of my tongue in the hope
that i can taste you

to understand your notes
to palate your freckles one
                                  by one.

when i say you taste metallic i
am of course talking mostly of 
myself, my body an alchemical 
reaction in motion, i am iron:
to your haven.

i say you taste metallic 
because i am trying to say
that i want to crawl inside of 
you, wear you from the inside out
just to see what your shins look
like from that vantage.

when i say you taste metallic
i am trying to say you taste of 
silvery which is to say you are
symphonic, euphonically 
pleasing, canorously
agreeable. when i say
you taste metallic,
i mean to say
i want to taste again.

Listen to Ruby Solomon read ‘Taste Metallic’



Ruby Solomon has tried many things for the first time this year, including but not limited to: taming a lion, landing a triple Axel jump, defying gravity and writing a novel. It is debatable whether any of these have been successful, but the latter is the thing she is most proud of. Her novel takes place in 1960s NYC and centers itself around the Stonewall Uprising.