The war got good ratings


1. Walking past a freshly parked car is like walking past a large animal. A cow, say. The heat-halo sits visibly between you and it. Walking past lovers is the same. So is walking past people fighting. The acknowledgement of something so big, it could kill you just by rolling over.


2. If you concentrate really really hard on something it is basically praying. I have watched the pastor so hard he became a crucifix. This is why there are billboards where you are likely to get stuck in traffic.


3. Yes, every country looks the same in its indecencies. Only the smells are different, the food, the fuel. The crystal jazz of cicadas. The last fight I had was with my best friend, but it was a point of honour, and it was right to fight to the death.


4. Every time I walk somewhere now, I feel virtuous. But virtue means something different every year. I plant trees. I carry a gun. I read books to underprivileged children. I drink water. I wear pretty dresses. I walk. My mileage isn’t doing anyone any favours.


5. At the party everyone is talking about which political party. Which guy. Will he be better than the last guy. Everyone is talking about the publicity and the promises like he’s a cheating ex who’s moved on and she’s still crying in bed. I just wanna go up to the new girl and say ‘Get out while you still can.’


Hannah Mettner is a Wellington writer. She completed her Masters at the IIML in 2012 and has spent this year recovering by writing poetry.