Love democracy

They install feathers to tickle us all the way 
to the cemetery. We were laughing indeed, 
laughing deep inside our pillow slips. The sky 
was preposterous and just 
like there were uncertain times to come 
and times to not forget—it was a movie, one of those 
we pick up on the way there or back and pictures freeze, 
my magnolia of many lily winters. 
Police cars everywhere that evening. Pigeons restating 
our scattering recitals, not much to do with the clouds. 
Just taste them once, you’ll see how bitter 
future snow can be. Undress the news–I know 
it takes longer and longer to. Are we falling for it? The old 
and the very young are not at all at risk. There is hardly any heat. 
They installed winters all around but not 
for us to see, though we were captured and often held 
still. Stop-motioned. My magnolia of many winters and I, 
laughing, all the way to the cemetery. 


Aleksandra Lane lives in Wellington. Her poetry has been published in online and print journals in NZ and Australia, as well as two poetry collections in Serbia. She completed her MA in Creative Writing at the IIML in 2010 and was awarded the Biggs Poetry Prize for her portfolio.