In Open Water

A family in open water spit and skittle on the sea, boat capsizing in livid waves. This is
nothing like swimming in lanes at the local pool; it’s too deep to see the sticking
plasters circle. 
Later, Search and Rescue note static or bickering on the emergency line. A family in
open water is known to fit this description — on a map they’re quickly circled and


Rachel O’Neill is a writer and artist living in WellingtonNew Zealand. In 2008 she completed an MA in creative writing at the International Institute of Modern Letters and in 2005 she completed a BA/BFA conjoint degree at The University of Auckland. She has exhibited visual work in group and solo exhibitions and has had a selection of work published in New Zealand in Brief #38Blackmail Press Issue 25Turbine 08, and Hue and Cry Issue 1. To find out more you can visit her blog here.