from The Albatross-Eaters



Sylvie Haisman’s short stories are published in the Australian literary journals HeatIsland and Southerly and her story ‘How to reverse gravity’ won a prize in the 2008-9 Commonwealth Short Story Competition. Her radio feature Tell Me A Shipwreck was produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and aired on ABC Radio National in June 2008. She is currently completing her novel The Albatross-Eaters, which she submitted in draft form as her thesis for the IIML’s 2008 Creative Writing MA programme, see her website.

For more information,The Albatross-Eaters is based on the true story of Sylvie’s great-great-grandfather Charles Wordsworth, who was shipwrecked in 1876.  Along with his mother and 47 other survivors, Charlie was stranded for six months on a tiny, barren, sub-Antarctic island.