The Wayfarer’s Elation

In this stay of wind and cloud, 
a volley of mind can wave the score, 
forests sprung silent in time, 
godwits sweeping a broken shore. 

Shallow Seismicity, Deep Seismicity

There is a thrilling stillness. 
Two kingfishers stare at each other on the fence, 
the macrocarpa a rough bunch of dark in its trunk vase. 
Beyond, Kapiti Island is bluer than the sea and sky. 
My new landscape unsettles: 
past and present are colliding, 
and it’s the past that goes under, 
splinters and melts into the molten deep, 
sending up tremors. 
Closer to the surface 
the strain causes ruptures in thought. 
Night fills up. 
The hoot of a train makes the air stand on end; 
sound emerging through the dream-hole. 

Listen to Medb Charleton read ‘Shallow Seismicity, Deep Seismicity


Medb Charleton has a BA in Sociology from Trinity College Dublin. She arrived in Wellington from Sligo, Ireland in 2007 where she completed the MA in Creative Writing at Victoria and now continues to work on a collection of poetry drawing on experiences of place and environment.