sex poem

the problem with the position of honesty is the flowers squirted into her head by
fluorescent paint and strips of dark written in black paper but anyway her can’t was
written as can’t but of course she could or you wouldn’t have this poem or the man
said to the irksome stranger tell them i’m fucking busy or the woman said to the friend
whom she didn’t really like (she always wore a mirror in her head!) tell them I’m busy
fucking can’ts are best used in the afternoon bright light sheets saved for morning and
if it’s a pg you’d best have them covering her breasts or at least her nipples my nipples
are rarely used anymore which is a shame I would like to use them with the man who
grows balloon houses in fields only a select few have heard of but of course I can’t
which is why I’m writing this poem about it


‘sex poem’ was written during a ‘Sex, God, and Politics’ -themed workshop run by Dora Malech. Johanna Aitchison is 169cm tall and likes to change hair colour frequently.