Interior Life

I share a bed 
with my husband, 
an asthma puffer 
and often, under 
the pillows, 
two pens. 
Life has never been 
so good. 
In the morning 
I get up and 
there are 
the cups and 
saucers — one, always 
to go with 
the other. 
I feel lucky 
to know 
what a cup of flour 
feels like. 
The way this 
flour, with water 
can become bread. 
With egg, 


Jenny Bornholdt‘s latest book of poems is Mrs Winter’s Jump (Godwit, 2007). She has previously published seven books of poems, including a selected – Miss New Zealand. Jenny was the Te Mata Estate Poet Laureate in 2005/2006.

‘Interior Life’ was written for an exhibition of the same name held at PaperGraphica in Christchurch earlier this year. Printmaker Marian Maguire made a work in response to the poem and printed the complete work on Japanese paper.