Scribble Sky


Someone’s been busy on the blue-screen sky,
cloud doodler, artist, not the graffiti kind.
Part scribbler, part chef, deft with white.
Wide line sweeps zigzags into diminishing
tails of kites, tornadoes,
well laid down on a giant canvas,
one-dimensional scribble.
And over there, neatly placed to the side,
whipped puffs layered with 3D skill, a chef’s 
touch, a dream in cream.


Robin Naylor has a musical association with Victoria University and enjoys the lyrical lines of language. She attended Fiona Kidman’s Creative Writing Course in 1998. Her writing is often inspired by Wellington, its harbour and environs, observed situations and unintentional humour. Such poems include Somes/Matiu, which was an award-winner in the Whitireia Poetry Competition in 1999 and was later published in Island of Secrets by David McGill, and The Other Side of Candlelight in Arrow’s Voices of the Silver Fern.