Welcome to Turbine 2002


I am sitting here with the hardcopy of Turbine 2002 at my desk. In a few short days, the site will go live and writers, the Turbine collective, staff from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, along with distinguished readers and supporters of Turbine will be clicking through the onscreen pages and thinking…?

Now is probably a good time to mention the objectives of Turbine. It was created to enable some unpublished writers a chance to take the first step into print. Students from the Creative Writing in the Marketplace course at the International Institute of Modern Letters produced the site. Each year, five candidates are selected to work on the project for a period of twelve weeks during which they source material and learn the A-Z of publicity, editing, proofing and web design.

If you want your taste buds to experience the diversity of New Zealand culture then Turbine 02 is a great place to start. In this issue we have taken the journal one step further with the introduction of a sound-room, eliminating the need for the written word by the use of recorded poetry, and paying homage to the oral traditions of the South Pacific. We wish to encourage site visitors to become listeners as well as readers, and experience an old tradition via new technological development.

Finally I would like to thank the contributors and all those who toiled to put this e-journal together. Special thanks to Elizabeth Styron, Conal Tuohy, and Pip Adam at the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre for their help with the site, and also Fiona Wright at the IIML for her administrative help.

Jacqueline Burns
For the Editorial Collective
Turbine 02