Jesus H Christ


the H inspired Henry Williams to sew it up
the H inspired Hobson to push it through

the H inspired Heke and his hangry axe
the H inspired HRH to send another battalion

the H inspired His happenings here
too hard to pronounce?

the H inspired Herangi to whāngai
the H inspired Hōhepine to hīkoi

the H inspires our Heresy
forgive us our trespasses e te ihu

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A love song to Hana Tapiata


‘Make like Hineahuone and fashion yourself into something
the world has never seen before, something the world never
knew it needed to transcend itself.’ — Hana Tapiata


before there was Hana Tapiata
decolonised was a lonely stickler
keeping company with
more rākau than people
chanting pao to manu
seeds in an outstretched

hand then tae mai
Hana poho kererū
cheekbones Hineahuone
and Athena pāpāho
tōtara haemata and millenial
tīoriori owning

and errors with dyed-gold tips
when asked sideways under
long kamokamo do you like
watching yourself on video?
creamy voice like kauri
elementative clear oro
karu tūturu purrs
yeah I do

bet Hana doesn’t have
difficulty in the render
of Te Ao Māori
and intersectional woke

bet Hana doesn’t care
whether she
plucks, shaves or leaves
the feathers

Listen to Miriama Gemmell read ‘A love song to Hana Tapiata’


Ko Ngāti Pāhauwera, Ngāti Rakaipaaka, Ngāti Kahungunu ngā iwi. Miriama’s poetry has been published in Landfall, Cicerone Journal, Awa Wahine, Sweet Mammalian, and other places.