Love You Too


The shine of the waxing moon picks out
a sinuous spray-painted declaration
of love scrawled on the railway bridge
at Crofton Downs.

              In the sweep
of headlights, in the briefest of under-passings,
few might give the graffiti’d panels consideration,
much less the one who signalled his heart
between rivets, on rust, in white —

or notice how that white stains the steel sections,
a slow corroding into permanent scar.
For even after over-painting or chemical
scouring, ferrous skin remembers.

I imagine him up there; finding
something in the thin air to hang on to. ​


Ben Egerton lives, writes and teaches in Wellington. He completed the MA in Creative Writing at the IIML in 2014, and was editor of that year’s edition of Turbine. Ben’s work has been published in print and online in New Zealand, Australia and in the United Kingdom. When he’s not writing, Ben likes to walk his dog, ride his bike, and play hockey.