hela trol pis




unsure body                           unsure spatiotemporality lol images rising up through my jelly 
        bodyweight; purple jelly body songs 

 the body is slippery     ~~~~ infinite slippage 
 world slipping off the body                              slide thru body 
“Illuminations, shadows and mirages. Things are always not what they seem” 

    many seemings o.O     layers of shadows :0 sliopery seemings-shadows lol “i can never 
    see things as flat” they’re always rippling. they echo n sht: meaning lol. 
    metadimensional echoes develops their own throats. throats-speeches world & slippage.    slipnslide. 

    Just starting walking                 submit body to walking 
~~~~~ ways~~~~~~~ sliding into patterns 
ways as images-imageries….. or vice versa. making passages as bodies. 
passages-cum-bodies           wormholes;         creating dimensions. 

 liek residential/neighbourhood/city?            lol 
 passing houses ~~~~ becoming passages 
 streaming….        becoming streams/lines/streamlines. neighbourhood timeline ~~~~> 

 houses ~~~~ outside windows. staying peering x peeking. Stand outside the window. houses-visibilities- 
 runn through my fuking body. splashover body. penetrate me from different angles 
 tingle. infinite different angles. always-already fucked by the socius. 

 “seeing rooms from the outside idk lit rooms from in the dark” rooms dragging past, lit rotating 
 train rooms. infinite backdrop room imagery blurs. time sped up x slowed down x distorted…… 

 social settings/environments maybe not typical liek bar n sht. more liek js rooms dbz timechamber. 
metarooms. lol. invisible. lol. some place. lol. not recognisable. nu room. nu space. 

“dark streets n sht dark and quietlooking at lights far away. sigh. nice.” behind horizons glowing. city backstage. city curtain. 

 movs through dimly lit places. lol. slithering unser dimly lit spaces. unsere spaces comfortably dim. 
 soft lit. soft drinks. drinks curtain drinks lights. 

 blanket of dim. lol. forms visible underneath & cosy 

 relax when invisible. able to be formless} 
 can body softens and blends into the space. starts to disappear/relaxes. whole body into a smile. invisible  smile. 
 infinismile smile projections. echoes-projection. lot of dusk and liek low light and night time……. 
 dusks everywherree. 
 dusk every day. looking out at the stage lighting behind all the suburbs. 
 phone screen behind all the suburbs 
 out behind all the outskirts of the suburbs. 

 dark-but-light…. or -but-lit. :). dark here but light there. internal glow; eyes-projection sky looking slightly  green 
 even so nice. 

 or dark during the day inside 🙂 daytime-inside the curtains shut :3. 
 let more images in. more hallucinations. hallu kitty. 
 more internal reality. reformation x form contrivance x form imagination x projection 
 exploded internal reality red giant.. 

 ~s~s~s~s~~~~~      building up to take with me when i leave the house. 
 stacks~~~~~~adornments. bodies-shapes. bodies-bodies. images inside my body. x on the outside 
 shining-projection ~~~> seep out once i leave the house always shining. perpetual shining~~~seeping  body 
      ~~~~ oozing                                     to bleed over into other people.             colour everyone 
 in under their eyelids.               put my hand under their eyelids 
 under their clothes. under their skins.   thru their hair. mmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂 
 not being seen~~~~metavisible              #creepshots 
 hiding                                fear covered over with ‘choice’. comforted over, justified as choice or need. 
 shelter myself with thought loops. shrouded in thoughtlooops. 
 dispersed into choice                    into action….           actionchoice 
 dispersal unto choice                                         or tactical invisibility diversions infinite diversion 
 diversion>diversity society       derailbodies. 

 the park next to the alleyway is nice.                   the erth underneath the alleyway 
 nice atmosphere                 death comferts                    deth thru llife 
 bits of emptiness in the sounds                practicing deth 🙂 comfortable hole bye 
 space between us and the city. really? us: me, the space, the play equipment. infinite spaces x  closenesses between 
 bodies, to infinite touching antiprivacy. swollen body. inflate x crash airbag smother werld. bodybag. 

 liek under stairs at a mall or sm sht liek out of the way places             peeking; on the outside of noise     but still touching it ~ just touching on dustcloud.                                       touch ppl with eyes. 
 feeling it brush on my body but not pushing me around 

 behind busy things hapening? underneath the world: underneath the rules. “idk,” rules-transparency  seeing thru 
 them to nu actions. sitting in the treehut looking out over the neighbourhood. up the skirt of the  neighbourhood. 
 underlooking. lil bit weary of being seen.           invisibility guiding movements 
 invisibility = evil. 
 peeking.      peek hour.             takes advantage of distractions for invisibility behind distractions, people’s 
 behaviours from above. less illusory when they feel invisible. being-real. performing-real: normativities-  behaviours. 
 real and sloppy.      real vs sloppy            public internality                 sloppy reality. 
 edges drooping      picking noses; stop being images and become clouds looking from above. shifted  outside~~~ 
 ~~back further outside of personhood x personality 🙂 outside of visibility as-body as-real. 
layers of outside!!!! ~~~~~~~~sinking ~~~~~~ strata 

  shifted across the street, slid across the street, grating body? around a room ~~~~ grating people. wear    ppl down. 
  wear down neuroses         drain neuroses lol neurosis vampire. Ex kiss-shot acerola-orion heart-under-    blade. 

   the light has changed: inflections of objects seems different. lol. duh. resonating differently; penetrating     body 
   in my bladder 
   in my temples                   shoulderblades                   burning 
   painpower              bladder cognitionz              painflow            different colour shadows 
  “sigh”                       different memories rising up 
   steam body :3 steamclean. eyes flicking around eyes shoot steam. steam engine.    infinite visibility 
    pulled to things    straining against my face eyes strain against bladder 

   Confusing Images       nu dimensionalities of images/imagability & metapeople, create myself new    situations x 
   spaces. Becoming tangible in my body, becoming-tangible metasoul. 
   nu tangibilities.       ground myself, get out of my face, get my face out of my face…. ground soul. dert trash     soul. 
   face out of context as-face.                                ie infinite potential. believe a room differently 
         believing-self into parallel spaces. believing-spaces into parallel dimensions. 
   beleiving-others. believeing-situations. truth-manipulations. truth suks. false or gtfo. 
   somewhere on a chair, walls etc. concrete floor. anywhere truthfuk. patches of objects. lol. arbitrary.     rearranging 
  the fragments differently. meddling&warping warbling sending out ripples through their images. imperceptible    but 
  unavoidable. irresistable. sxc manipulation. sxc diruptin sxc coruption. in everything simultaneously and    nowhere. 
  real etc. 
   tfw swelled with nostalgia swelled out through my legs. the ground swelling up, tears seeping out. 
  being-swallowed. swallow discurse. vulnerable now. the whole place is vulnerable. marshmalow werld.
   unstable environement. eat it. spend al ur money. 
“I can’t understand the building; maybe because it doesn’t understand me. 
   it refuses to reflect me. so my body has changed shape will i fit out the doorway? lol. idc. will i submit to that? 
   fuk doorway. or walk into the doorframe trapped in by the walls etc. Stubbornness.” 
   confusions ~~~~~~ suddenness….. snapped. 

distractions““““`deflect to the side “‘’’”’”””’’’;;whole body derailings. Shapeshifting 
   x segue. conversational manipulations. Body conversions-conversations. Distort bodies; verbal killpower.     slipping 
   into new arena/space. Verbal deth. Verbal violence. new cave. Soft cave. Comfortable hole bye. 
  new dim lighting               infinite new caves. proliferating caves x traps x sinkholes. js sink js by me a fukn gun. 
   unnoticed/ing???????????????????????????found in another room. darker, the same. same enough. 
   everything. same enough. 
spending time in cave. Cave downtime body diffusions. :). :0. 
   quiet time. Family time. internal voices x echoes x bodies. 

   bring colours in x into body. colourbody. colourbleedings. 
   sounds swirling. bodies as sounds. 
   the cave floor 
“it reminds me of the damp cave floor” life does. sleep does. deth does. deth drive anal society. 

    slip n slide 
   sliding across/along the street              soft drag.       dull thud. 
   slipery surfaces               shower flor x wet flannel. wet smells. piss mat/matte. 
   gritty….~~~~~~ grits x grindings……~~~~~~ grit twwth. 🙂 slid earth, like, lindslife slime erth….. slime life & 
   lovepwoer. slimy pathways          slime shimmering/reflections. slimy mist. pink mist. pist. 

slime buildup slime society. 

  “i slid erth…… slid the whole erth off lol.” uncertain footing……… infinite uncertainty. 
 taking care uncertain future infinite future infinnite dimensions-holes lol plato cave. 
 slippage making the future uncertain 
 “brb controlling the future with my feet…. foot tension.” 
 but catching hints of light reflecting off the dampness; outlined light images 
 “w/e 666”                   n dark n sht low light visual noise “cool” 
 “every space they find themselves in is dim”        visual uncertainty visual infinity. 

 dim yellow light. Pissroom piss filter yellow bodies. yellow fever. looking at someone is infiltrating their body 
 “looking at someone is pissing in their body” 
  bleeding etc. melting. candles meldpower. 

 shadows dragging drage on feet etc. dancing. Drags on dancing. casting 
  shadows casting people;;;;;;; casting roles. 
  “/ / / / tfw cast by a shadow.” silence           noise/ringing              ears/eyes ringing;                    cast in eyes/ears 
  shapes cast. hearing/creating hints of sounds                              projecting-echoinng hints of movement 
          lifehints; facehacks. 
 vague footsteps;         vague footholds aka infinite fingerholds. 
 “moving too slow to catch anyone following; sigh” 
 ghosting & spectral sht spectral shapes spectral werld. Being-spectral, afterimages x trailing. Fans as  afterimages. 
 Influence: bodytrails. my stains in vision; burn memory. dancing around qt ghost danceparty. 
 embellishments of shapes and objects shapes and objects casting ~~~~ already as embellishments 

  “move silently lol fuk noise” body sliding; cast across space “tfw cast” slippery body travelling silently 
things moving~~~~~ underneath eyelids; eye werms. 
  underneath the veil 
 the veil of the world ; undeneath ur reaity 
  body trapped under eyelids 

  NAMES???????????~~~~ pronouns???? lol. casting x shadows x illusions 
  x reductions x ghosts. cast veil                  thrown/thrownness: personal brand of thrownness 
        /being and being as illusory lol thrown into illusion aka identity. perceptual-illusory reality: “can’t control 
  how u view me u dont c me anyway lol.” 

blankets bundling layers insulation buidlup. folds-veils. built a fort recreate reality every morning; shape of the day; 
arrange day arrange future. Arrange body into future. in the form of a ghost/ / / /mirage/ / / /illusion steadily 
gaining solidity. creeping into the world 
      creeping                                   creeping behind illusion x casting new illusion ~~~~~~~~images 

 sneaking~~~~~~sneakers, sneak festisg. fetish. smiles. upset the rhythm and slip into a new scene 
  everyone pulled along with it without even noticing the slippage. lol. 
 towed/in tow/undertow/drag/dragging 

  stay silent behind imagery        but pressing up from unter veil. untermensch. imprints-protrusions of face 
  / / /body hands guiding their bodies along. 1 dance, many invisible hands silent transport: silence behind imagery. 
  loud imagery loud visibility. drowning out movements etc…. obscuring actual positions “actual lol”outside 
  windows lol skulking: being-outside the window; peep ontology. only moving outside the window 
 behind the scenes of society x propriety. abuse ontology. exploitation ontology. cast shadow inside x  penetrate 
 rooms penetrate barriers~~~~~~~~hallucinations. cast shadow inside bodies. castx take  up 
 space. claim space marking teritory cast shadow. liv in my shadow. 
 presences emerging being-hallucination         “tfw hallucination”. hiding in being visible; being disbelieved or 
 being believed. bodily illusoreality. moving invisibly behind illusion 

   “pressup from beneath the veil creating shapes’’’’’’’’’’ shadow puppets” bodies move along compliantly.
  mulding the shapes in space        sculpt ppl                    ->             with gestures 
  manipulating shapes that anchor a reality,          by being-context, casting shadows casting shapes 
 collaborating. collaborative visibility x illusion. being part of the scene. compliance-visibility. 
 part of the environment part of the world. being-anchor. anchor meaning. 
  slid hand up underneath the sheet. up underneath the skert. the screen 
   move it back and forth etc. js playn 😛 noncommittal. 
   swaypower feelx out rhythm………. tensions etc. stretching the canvas of reality taut. becoming-canvas…. 
 “slacken it lol liek ttly let it go. catch ppl in it. caught them in it and pulled their bodies in lol reality net lol trap” 
  mesmerising dancing eyes lol hypnotism rhythmpower. swaybodies. 
 shaping light that enters eyes lol aka bodies enter eyes. enter bodies. infiltration. touching behind their 
 eyelids. sxc eylids sxc internality. intimate eyeballs-touchings. 

   body shifting reality x shifting reality body 
  hand up underneath the body. up inside the body. moving it moves its limbs;;;;;;; bodyshapes 
  transmitting x communicating. placing limbs. placing steps, arms, fingers, so many smiles 🙂 
 swaying vibrating insectlife. emotional sensations sadness- amazement- disgust-power 

   slats]slits[sluts gaps peeks trellis lol netting~~~~~~catching peeks sliding under 
  slip between gaps fingers between shadows                                           slithering                     slathering. 
  body fitted into gaps smooth and slippery body infinite slippage 
   “mbe slip back/forth in time” in and out of timing “fuk time anyway” 
 “time is obsolete” 
  put hands thru and meddle with……… bodies. societies lol. landscapes. 
   “societies lol”                                       or coordination or coinciding 
 “rearrange the present lol rearrange the future. lol” 
 “rearrange the past. lol.”      reaching back thru shapes & reforming them x use to twist peoples faces 
 momentary confusion before they r pulled along slipped into nu reality nu history 
          “history=mind tricks” 
    ~~~~~~~~~x impacts 
  “slaps          pushes bones idk ruptures” reeling lol the floor dropout 
  shapes of words                  pushing agains the body                             triggerpower 
 shifting its form to fit them                             trigger manipulations trigger ppl. use triggers. 
  x mouths 
 body squeezed in throat                   trapped in throat                   trapped in its own throat ouroboros 

  throat-impacts. from inside pressing outward through the face/body. throat punches/ / / / /outwerd. 
 “/ / / /js give in and flow along lol js give in to evrthng”        smiling 
    groaning       face drop/ / / / /drop faces. lose faces to the flow lol. pick it back up 
 drop down to the floor                                          lol drop it low. 
creaking bodies creak songs creak signals.      creaking floor          + whining swings 
 sharing                                                                                                        seesaw 
 offset reality                                                                                                branches 
creak together creaks manipulating each other 
big built up creak hum buzz voice                                helping their movements along fuk ppl up 


    dark dark movements dark feelings liek tar feelings dripping and want to drip onto other person suck      them in 
    and dissolve them chek out my tar pit invisible underneath under skin 
 moving round under skin sneakings orchestrating. wearing skin is manipulation 
 wearing skins                         suk skins up                eatskins 
skin draped over [     ] body                pulled tighter                             “looser. throw over other sht.. ppl/objects” 
    under the skin of the pavement/street 
  flesh of the pavement/street flesh of the room. -> squeezing the flesh of the room/out of the room. flesh of the 
  conversation. hear in groan: or creak                                          lol 

 feeling-tension          grinding up against it                       grind ur face up against it 
 testing it lol                pliancy vs compliancy           play the room under skins            shadow skin  shadow 
 veil    slipped and stretched aound &slipped off shape fabrics        j weave skin 
 everyone in the room, skin sew to each other                 hair tangle. overly attached friend; rosemary kirton 
 makes the best mixes. 
  sharing space sharing body 🙂 : move each other          pulling at each other                  hurt x force each other. 
 trap by each other traps. faces pulled taut by each other social grimaces 

   x pulling/playing its strings          everything hav threads 
   tht can be pulled liek woven in anchored & tied down [beliefe/imagry n sht] 
  hold the picture together 
  hold reality together 
  hold society together 
  social conduct n sht ~~~~~~~~~;;;;;;;;;; deviations-manipulations. twinges/tinges. 
  balance/avoidance/denial/ / / / /belief/reality. hanging by a thread 

   life line…. lol crawling                  pulling                        sneak 
    crawling power c faster than walking 
high crawl speeds shuddering abject crawling. crawling under building crawl thru bushes 
 secret agenda ghost agenda passages guided etc gps lol. god positioning system. singing 
   voice threads choirpower. hitting the right pitches voice hypnotism. to pull ~~~~~ cords 
   cords (from) thru eyes                 chords x cords. 
   cords (from) thru throat               attaching, pulling, getting inside, worming their ways in, voice attached to     bodies 
  taking holds, pressures, singing mirages hypnotism attaching, pulling, pulling eyelids, heart strings,   daze 
  sht dazzle sht, shifts focus, to fingers, knuckles, hold interest, shifted repeatedly, shifted again,    further, 
  more, furthermore, spinning reality, reality spinning, pulled aloing, manipulating, moulding vision, held    in glare 
  /glow, playing ppl (instruments) played a song turned to catch the light in a certain way on a angle
  looked slightly behind: 
fingers inside bodies wet shimmering, glistening body fluid reflections 
  distortions. hidden infinite body flavours 
  smells. fucking with perception. within perception. 

bodies turned pink glowing new dapplings. fingers of light emerging. Fingers off light. 
   emanating shimmerrrrrrrrr confusing vision 

   pulling strings emitting strings: moaning moaning sounds outside the window 
 uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh inside the house 
  moan x song fingers inside their ears 🙂 thru ears into the body 
pull the body. pull it off. pulling emotion sht rip it off. 
   motivating/mobilising walked their bodies 
   smiled their faces 
   frowned their faces 
   shed their tears xxxxx wat u r seeing who shifted your focus? 
 who sees thru u #godpowre       playing images     dancing images 
 dancing light casting/dancing light/shadows-dances 
 leading moving x guiding bodies touching bodies, creating sensations. shimmering tingling 
 feelings dissolving dissolving will: smiling body being penetrated. manipulated: fel giddy 



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