stu’s closed up the great big hole
in the kitchen
coulda let in
from anywhere
any kinda vermin
so ya gotta keep it clean
he says & i try
but today he’s back
with slavik
to set things straight
detect the crap
hidden in the pipes
that no one ever even noticed
not till he arrived
we have a problem
slavi laughs
but stu dont think it’s very funny
all that crap all around
all that flax on the path
a giant rat flying fish
jewish he reckons
& god knows what else
runnin cryptic
blocking pipes
as old as the hills
havin places
he gotta be
besides here
standing in my shit

Marie Curie


teresa knows physics 
like marie curie 
the way what wheres 
only she knows where 
to find em 
all tucked into 
the universe 
@ the back of her shop 
I gotcha fave 
she says 
hooked n strapped 
to a tee 
china red 
she knows 
how hard it is 
to wake one day 
realisin nothin else much fits no more 
cells and stuff 
space and speed 
spinnin   splittin 
it’s all so 
fucking fukushima 
but things just happen that way 
atoms holdin moldin things 
helpin me pull maself 
in a bra shop 
of all places 



Carin lives in Newton, Auckland. She juggles two jobs and she looks after her beautiful twin boys Kazma and Yuga who are eight.