found farther and farther out

I stand still in my shoes, my 
sardine tin shoes. They open with a key the corners 
correct my pigeon toes my 
feet have a left hand bias 
I stand still. 
My love rummages my attic he 
gathers my shoes places them around me 
in concentric circles arranges them 
like almonds on fruit cake 
my love rummages. 
He nudges the shoes tightening the circle we 
are points on the restless circle 
he orbits the circumference I 
stand still in the center 
he nudges. 


Marisa Capetta is a Christchurch artist and poet published in The PressTakahēInternational Literary QuarterlyCrest to Crest Anthology of Canterbury poetsShot Glass Journal, a guest reader for the 2010 Canterbury Poets Collective autumn season of readings and Gap Filler, secretary for Takahē Collective Trust and treasurer for the CPC. This poem was written during typees with Joanna Preston, an important teacher and influence. It explores tensions and dynamics of relationships.