Miss Dust Decides to Have a Baby

It was something to do with the fact that she was 35. 
It was something to do with the fact that Turbo 

took her to speedway on their second date, 
& her Karen Walker top got splashed with mud. 

They walked hand-in-hand to the hot dog stand. 
Then Turbo said, “It’s time to go to the pits.” 

Down & down they took the stairs, 
which were carpeted with bruised roses. 

Miss Dust said, “I never expected 
the pits to look like this.” 


Miss Dust Has a Nervous Breakdown

She crouches down, builds arms for her doll. 
The curtains of her house are ash, 
her hair is already white, although she’s only 27. 


The night is not just something she walks through anymore, 
it gets into her mouth. 

And when she opens the door, 
ducks into her doll place, & flicks the switch, 
sticks of sugar scream sirens at her. 

The blanket is opening 
its wings on the carpet, 

“Lie down, Miss Dust,” says the carpet. 


Miss Dust Visits the Amazing Maze in Marton


Miss Dust walks through cornstalks, 
screams at the woman with the Jaws mouth, 
swimming through the blinky night. 

Bright stars bear down on her back, 
the chainsaw begins. 



Johanna Aitchison was the winner of the 2010 New Zealand Poetry SocietyInternational Competition. She lives in Palmerston North and Miss Dust is her alter ego.