living out here on the plains

through thick and thin 
            through storm and shine 
my hand on your heart, yours on mine, 
          we’ll try to keep our weather fine 
just see, the city folk will say, 
             how coolly they have abandoned 

their language 
            in the face of progress 

her gift, the little boat

that you should be able to do something like this for me 
pulling a blue leaf from a glass tree 
                           a white fish from the shallows 
that you should know exactly what I need 
                                             this beautiful maquette 


Bernadette Hall’s 9th collection of poems, The Lustre Jug (VUP) was a finalist in the 2010 the NZ Post Book Awards. She has recently edited selected poems by the Christchurch poet, Lorna Staveley Anker. This collection, The Judas Tree, will be published by the University of Canterbury Press in 2011. She collaborated with the Dunedin jeweller, Paul McDowell,  in A New Line,  publication and performance by 8 writers and 8 jewellers, in Dunedin, October 2010. In 2011 she will take up a Teaching Fellowship in poetry  at the IIML, Wellington.  She is currently working on a collection of short fiction.