a life with a view


i woke up this morning
and decided i’m moving
to tuscany

i’m moving to tuscany
to own a vineyard
that stretches out as far
as the sunset
and to live in a villa
that sees all of this

i’m moving to tuscany
to make beautiful wines,
although i don’t drink
that will be acclaimed

i’m moving to tuscany
where I’ll master the language
in a day,
at most,
after all
i do have some italian blood

i’m moving to tuscany
where each day
i’ll walk to the farmers’ market
holding a cane basket in the crook
of my arm
buying produce to supplement
my own gardens of vegetables
fruit and herbs

i’m moving to tuscany
to host dinner parties
that people will scramble
to be invited to,
indulging in delectable conversation
and food to match

i’m moving to tuscany
to meet beautiful mediterranean men
and to take them all
as lovers
one at a time
or in groups

i’m moving to tuscany
to eat crostini
for brunch each day
with prosciutto sliced too thick,
and i’ll even learn to like
cannellini beans
once i’m in tuscany


Paula Harris attended Victoria University’s Poetry Workshop in 1998, and has had work published in TakaheJAAMPoetry NZ and The Listener. She lives in Palmerston North with her dwarf rabbit Gellar.