The Tuesday Ode


There are so many things to celebrate

it seems the day is a birthday party
to which even the southerly has come
it blows out light and we wish
                                                 we didn’t 
get up so early      this morning belongs 
to the Cook Strait Challengers who have been 
at the pool an hour pretending the 
other swimmers are sharks and the floating
plasters are jellyfish     back and forth I 
dream I am Esther Williams starring strong
and in symmetry with the Kahawai      their
scales match my sequined swim-cap
                                                          at home we
celebrate the invention of tea by
drinking four cups each by 9 o’clock      it 
is Tuesday and I am in love
Garry the locksmith arrives he tells me 
how his Dorothy can write great poems
in minutes and I tell him how David 
can make up country songs as he goes
we are so pleased with ourselves that we
laugh and the wind lifts our hair
                                                    up above 
the seagulls caw      notes fly off
and telephone lines dance in tuesday time


Kirsten McDougall is an English Literature student at Victoria University. She is currently attending Greg O’Brien’s Poetry Workshop.